My Policy.

I started this blog out of love for books. My serious, hard-core love for books. I wanted to create a space that allowed fellow book lovers and I to share opinions books and book related topics. 

All of my reviews are my honest opinion. Unlike other blogs, I do post reviews of books that, in my opinion, were not worth my time. If I think a book is crummy, I'm not going to hide it. I will state the reasons and I encourage responses. I love discussing the pros and cons of books- if I enjoyed the book I'm going to say so and if I didn't enjoy it I'm going to say so.

I'm not a professional book reviewer. I'm a bookseller with the hopes of joining the publishing industry one day. These reviews are my thoughts. They will not be horribly long nor will they be written like a professional reviewer. In my own life, if I see a review that is super long, I tend to skim through it. I don't want that for people on my site and in all honesty, I don't want to write ongoing reviews. I want to give my opinions and the reasons supporting them. Or more likely, I just want to gush about an amazing book. And sometimes I will rip a book to shreds- if it warrants it 😊.

I will only write reviews for books I have finished because I believe that if you haven't finished the book you cannot give a fair assessment of said book. This is sometimes hard for me because I do put books in "time-outs" if I feel annoyed with them. However, on the very rare occasion I have a book that I just cannot stand I will put it my Did Not Finish pile. And I will not finish it. Those books will not be reviewed on this site because, like I said before, I really can’t give a fair assessment of the them.

I have a pretty busy life, so if you want me to review your book (FYI: I will almost always say yes) ask, but be aware that I have other books to read and review. There will be a line; First come- first serve. Currently, I am about 5 books deep. So keep that in mind. If you want a review right away, I'm probably not the person for you. I take my time reading because reading is an escape- I don't want to feel rushed because then, what's the point? I'm also a mood reader- which can be a huge hindrance while dealing with a time schedule. But if I have to get a book finished and reviewed by a certain time, I will. I'm very punctual! Also, a request to review a book does not guarantee a review. 

If you've asked me to review your book, I can guarantee the review will be posted on my blog, Instagram, and Goodreads. You will need to request a review post on Amazon. I am a bookseller at a family owned business, so Amazon is kinda like the evil corporation in The Circle for us. However, I do understand Amazon is an important platform for new or self-published authors. And Amazon reaches an ungodly amount of people. I know this- I understand this- I get it. I own a kindle and I use Amazon when I can't get a book at my store BUT you will still need to request a post on Amazon. You will also need to let me know if you want me to do a blog tour or post teasers. I am happy to do both, if I can, but you need to let me know.

Understand, I am just one person. I read as fast as I can and write when I have the time. I will not allow pressure to post ruin my love for books. I appreciate being asked to read/review for authors. After all, authors are my rockstars🤘. But it has to be noted that I have a HUGE pile of books that I want/need to read, so not all books can be read by the time they are released. If you want a book read/reviewed by a certain time, I need to be told, and even then, I cannot guarantee I will be able to do that. Also, it is helpful if you give me an appropriate amount of time to finish your book and write a review. Please do not ask me to read a 600+ page book and write a review in a week. Because if you do, I will feel obligated, and then when I can't meet the deadline, I will feel like a failure and I will be sad 😫!

All reviews will be COMPLETELY honest and will include a picture with the cover, title, author, page number, publication date, publisher, rating, blurb, and of course my review included in the post. 

If you are interested in having me review your book either email me or DM me on Instagram. I'm always happy to help out authors in anyway that I can! 

Thank you for understanding!