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Devil's Rock Series Review

Devil's Rock Series Review

As many of you know, I’ve been in a major reading slump the last month or so. I just haven’t been feeling it and I blame all the streaming networks; Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are the biggest enemies of a bookworm. I’ve been hooked on Veronica Mars and Carnival Row- Soooo good! The writing is just spectacular! I’m not sure how I feel about Season 2 of Veronica Mars but as of right now I’m obsessed.

Anyway, back to books. I did a lot to try and get myself out of this book slump I’ve been in. I would randomly pick up a book and read a few pages to see if it would hook me and if it didn’t suck me in right away, I put it down (I now have a stack of books which I have read the first 10-25 pages of that I need to finish at some point….). I would spend hours searching books, all it did was add to my TBR list. I would organize my books (and have cataloged about half my books on Bookpedia…) all these things did not help at all. Eventually, I stopped trying to force the issue and let myself swing out of it naturally. And I have to give a huuuuge thank you to The Heaving Bosoms podcast and Sophie Jordan!

I was listening to an episode of the Heaving Bosoms podcast and one of them (I can’t remember which one it was, sorry Erin and Mel!!) talked about a book that had a prison riot and the convict saves the nurse and they fall in love. And I was like “YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!” As Erin always says, “Does he have reasons?” And yes, they have reasons for their crimes and I was eating that up like candy. This past weekend I literally read the first four books in the series and there are ONLY FIVE books in the series! 😩😩😩. I read them too fast and I need more. Sophie Jordan if by chance you read this and decide to take pity one me and all the others who love this series- WRITE MORE IN THIS SERIES. PLEASE!!!! I beg thee. I promise I’m going to read all your other books though. But I want more of this series too. Like sooo much more!

Seriously though, this series is just flipping amazing! And I could just write non-stop about these books and this series. But all I can really say is, go read them. Go enjoy and love these hot, sexy, convict men!!! 😍

Series: Devil’s Rock
Author: Sophie Jordan
Publisher: Avon
Rating: ★★★★★

The Devil’s Rock Series: Reading Order, Blurbs, and Ratings:

All Chained Up ★★★★★

There are bad boys and then there are the men of Devil’s Rock . . .
Some men come with a built-in warning label. Knox Callaghan is one of them. Danger radiates from every lean, muscled inch of him, and his deep blue eyes seem to see right through to Briar Davis’s most secret fantasies. But there’s one major problem: Briar is a nurse volunteering at the local prison, and Knox is an inmate who should be off-limits in every way.

Knox feels it too—a shocking animal magnetism that drives him to risk his own life to protect Briar’s. Paroled at last, he tries to resist her. She’s too innocent, too sweet, and she has no idea what Knox is capable of. But a single touch can lead to a kiss—and a taste . . . until the only crime is denying what feels so right . . .

Hell Breaks Lose ★★★★

Hell hath no hunger like a man let out of a cage . . .

Shy and awkward, First Daughter Grace Reeves has always done what she’s told. Tired of taking orders, she escapes her security detail for a rare moment of peace. Except her worst nightmare comes to life when a ruthless gang of criminals abducts her. Her only choice is to place her trust in Reid Allister, an escaped convict whose piercing gaze awakens something deep inside her. Reid is nothing like her other captors.

He’s tougher, smarter…and one blistering look from him makes her hotter than any man ever has.

Reid spent years plotting escape and revenge . . .years without a woman in his bed. For this hardened felon, Grace Reeves isn’t just out of his league—she’s from another planet, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting her. Escaping Devil’s Rock was tough, but resisting this woman could be the end of him. For a man with nothing to lose, protecting her . . . claiming her as his own, becomes more necessary than his next breath.

Fury on Fire ★★★★★

When you live next door to the big bad wolf . . .

After years in prison, North Callaghan is finally free. But the demons haunting him still make him feel like a caged beast. He loses himself in work and hard living, coming up for air only to bed any willing woman to cross his path. So when his new neighbor snares his interest, he decides to add another notch to his bedpost. The only problem? Faith Walters is a white picket fence kind of girl.

Prepare to be devoured.

Faith’s new neighbor is the rudest man alive. He’d rather grunt at her than speak and he takes her “welcome-to-the-neighborhood” scones without a thank you. She knows she should run for the hills from the ex-con. If only he weren’t so smoldering sexy…if only the sounds of him with other women didn’t drift through their shared wall and fill her with longing…and if only he didn’t look at her like they were a collision waiting to happen

Beautiful Lawman ★★★★★

From the wrong side of the tracks and with most of her family in jail or dead, Piper Walsh is used to everyone in town thinking the worst about her. It doesn’t seem to matter that she’s worked hard to build a good life for herself. So she isn’t surprised that when she comes into contact with Sweet Hill’s wildly irresistible, arrogant sheriff, Hale Walters, they’re instant adversaries. Piper has nothing in common with the town golden-boy-turned-lawman—and she refuses to be a notch on his bedpost.

Despite rumors, Hale avoids fooling around with the women of Sweet Hill, many of whom are hoping to get him to the altar. But staying out of Piper’s path is proving near impossible. The infuriating troublemaker clearly has no respect for his badge. As she continues to push his buttons, it becomes clear to Hale that he must either arrest Piper—or claim her as his own.

Beautiful Sinner ★★★★★

Locked in with the town bad boy . . .

Most women would be scared, but Gabriella’s only worried about resisting Cruz Walsh, who’s even hotter than he was back in high school. Cruz was wrongly accused of the high-profile crime for which he was imprisoned; Gabriella’s desperate for the scoop that will get her career off the ground and get her out of Sweet Hill, where everyone still remembers her as “Flabby Gabby.” Being stuck in a supply closet with Cruz is the perfect opportunity to land an interview. What Bri doesn’t count on is Cruz taking “up-close and personal” to a whole new level.

If there’s a silver lining to the hell Cruz went through, it’s that losing his freedom put everything in perspective. Maybe starting over someplace new would be easier, but after years locked up, Cruz values his family—and his true friends—more than ever. So he’s back home, facing the gossip, dodging reporters . . . and face-to-face with Gabriella Rossi. They’ve both changed: Bri wants a story and Cruz just wants her. Another thing he’s learned? Don’t let a good thing slip away.

-Happy Reading!

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