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People SUCK!

People SUCK!

I’m back! Sorry for taking an impromptu break but I really needed it! However, now I’m back and ready to talk about all the things!

Get ready for an insanely long post or more accurately a rant about how much people suck! Because I have a ton of emotions and opinions on this matter. Full confession: This post will have SOOO much swearing in it. I’m not much of a swearer but sometimes a bad word really gets your point across. 😊

***DISCLAIMER: I’ve been told (by my mom) that this post shows I have some anger issues… while that may be true, I thought I should give an explanation for this very angry post. I was playing around on Instagram showing my nanny baby dog videos and stumbled upon this truly horrifying and disturbingly racist picture someone had made mocking Halle Bailey as Ariel. It was disgusting and it just INFURIATED me. (I’m not going to post the picture because I don’t ever want to see it again but it was just plain awful) I just had to write out everything I was feeling, which was the creation of this post. I’m not editing the post or taking out any of the harsh thing I said because all these words were what I was feeling when I wrote this post. So, if you will be offended or annoyed by this post- I don’t care. Read at your own risk.***

During my hiatus some big new dropped about casting on two adaptations that I’m beyond excited for! First: the remake of Ariel! I’m completely all in for this! Ariel was and is one of my favorite Disney movies. I love swimming and always wanted to be able to be a mermaid (or dolphin, or whale…) because they got to be in the water ALL the time and I was jealous. Even as an adult, becoming a mythical creature sometimes has its pluses. Anyway, when they released some of the details about the new Little Mermaid, I was at first a little disappointed because I was all in for Zendaya being Ariel. Girl can sing, dance, and is gorgeous but I understood that the actors we want to play certain roles can’t or just don’t want to. I mostly live inside my books and don’t always know the newest or even big names in the entertainment industry, so I had never heard of Halle Bailey before. So, when it was announced that she would be Ariel I looked her up and heard her sing and was completely smitten. Her voice is fabulous!!! (Of course I still wanted Zendaya but what I want doesn’t really matter.) I knew she would be a great Ariel. What I didn’t understand was the full on BACKLASH this poor woman got for being cast as Ariel.

The down right HATE blew me away! People are off their rocker pissed that they dare cast a black woman to play a red haired half fish half woman. Like what? I understand that Disney’s version of Ariel is a redhead but- umm… hair dye? I understand that she is supposed to be French but- umm… the French language and the French culture are barely mentioned (and black people can be from France!) and one of my favorite characters is Sebastian, you know her JAMAICAN friend? He does that uber popular Kiss The Girl song that has a JAMAICAN theme to it… I get all the French feels watching the number…🙄

Disney’s version of The Littler Mermaid is completely fabricated. If these so called purest are pissed off about a black woman playing Ariel they are really going to be pissed off when they learn the man that wrote the original story of Ariel was gay and it was a “love letter” to his male crush. There is no happy ending. Ariel turns to sea-foam. She does not end up with Prince Eric. You know why?!?! It was a metaphor for Hans Christian Andersen love for a man he could not have! So, all you jackasses can shove it. You apparently beloved childhood Disney movie (He wrote many other favorites as well) was written by a GAY MAN in the 1800’s about his LOVE for another man.

And for all the people saying “what if they cast a white woman to play Tiana, Pocahontas, Jasmin, or Mulan”. Excuse me while I say FUCK OFF!!! Ever heard of the movie Gods of Egypt? It’s about the literal GODS of EGYPT played by a cast of white people. NOT ONE EGYPTIAN was cast in the entire movie. Were you pissed about that? Nope. And for those perviously mentioned Disney princess- their entire story is rooted in a culture (all be it, completely misrepresented culture but culture non the less. Im Greek, Disney’s Hercules? completely inaccurate but rooted in Greek culture nonetheless.. You couldn’t have another race play those characters. Just like it wouldn’t work for another race to play Elsa and Ana or Merida. Their stories are rooted in a certain culture. Duh. In my opinion, even Belle could be played by another race because, again, like Ariel, yes, her character is French but it’s not rooted in French society or language. People of color should be able to have stories with people of color in them without the main focus being how much melanin they have. The outrage over Ariel is (excuse me) FUCKING RIDICULOUS! What about the remake of Cinderella (originally a Chinese story) with Brandi? That movie was awesome! I wanted to be just like Brandi. It was one of my favorite movies growing up. That movie was so amazing. The Prince had a black mom and a white dad but the Prince himself was Asian? Did it matter? Nope. Was the movie still fantastic? Yes. You know why? Because it was just a story. Yes, people’s races matter to them and to their culture. Their race is part of their identity but in a story- it doesn’t have to matter. It can just be an amazingly talented cast that got together to make an fabulous movie. There. Done. No questions.

Whew- that felt really good to say. Big breath in and big breath out. I feel lighter but not too much lighter because I have ANOTHER casting choice to rant about. (excuse me but…) For fucks sake, I can’t believe I even HAVE to do this AGAIN. But, here I go!

I met Julia Quinn at Kiss Con earlier this year. She was super sweet and it just made me want to read her books all the more. Well, about a week before the jackasses of the romance world lost their shit, I had ordered The Bridgerton series. I had been hearing so many wonderful things about it and had heard it was going to be turned into a Netflix show. Which made me want to read it all the more. Well, low and behold, they announced the cast for the series the literal day I got the books. I was so interested to see who was chosen to play characters I hadn’t even read about yet. And the horror, they casted a black man to play Simon from The Duke and I, the first book in The Bridgerton series. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING!!! People lost the ever loving minds over this. WHO THE FUCK CARES?!?!?!? OOoohHH hIStoRIcaL AcCUrACy!!! Let me tell you, there is no historical accuracy in a historical romance. Young, hot, strong, rich Dukes with all their teeth didn’t exist- ok, there was probably one. The aristocracy were all marrying first cousins and child brides!!! They were LITERALLY inbred pedophiles!!!! The heroines we love so much would have been sold off to elderly men to be brood mares. Oh the romance! 😍

For some reason people seem to think that other races did not live in England during the Georgian, Victorian, Elizabethan, and any other time period that involved corsets and stays. They may not have been part of the ton but they were there. To wipe them out of historical fiction is ridiculous. But to loose your shit over a black man cast as a Duke in a adaptation of a romance novel is fucking stupid. I pictured Rege-Jean Page as Simon while I read The Duke and I and I loved it. He is one good looking man! The historical accuracy of London is tragic. People were poor, were dying of starvation and disease, and women were PROPERTY!!!! Authors pick and choose what they want to be portrayed as accurate in their novels. So, please, kindly, shut the hell up!

There are so many more things to be upset about in the world than a black Duke and a black mermaid. You know, like kids in concentration camps in the US, lack of health care, the umboundense of poverty stricken families, climate change, the US President in general. Really, if you have time to freak out over characters in a fictional movie then you have time to go out and help people in the non-fictional world. Because they need it.

-Happy Reading!

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