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The Claiming Of The Shrew Review

The Claiming Of The Shrew Review

Title: The Claiming Of The Shrew (The Survivors, #5)
Author: Shana Galen
Pages: 216
Publication Date: April 16, 2019
Publisher: Amazon LLC
Rating: ★★★★★

What happens when a marriage of convenience isn't so convenient?

Lieutenant Colonel Benedict Draven has retired from the army and spends most of his days either consulting for the Foreign Office or whiling away the hours at his club with his former comrades-in-arms. He rarely thinks about the fiery Portuguese woman he saved from an abusive marriage by wedding her himself. It was supposed to be a marriage in name only, but even five years later and a world away, he can't seem to forget her.

Catarina Neves never forgot what it felt like to be scared, desperate, and subject to the whims of her cruel father. Thanks to a marriage of convenience and her incredible skill as a lacemaker, she's become an independent and wealthy woman. But when she's once again thrust into a dangerous situation, she finds herself in London and knocking on the door of the husband she hasn't seen since those war-torn years in Portugal. Catarina tells Benedict she wants an annulment, but when he argues against it, can she trust him enough to ask for what she really needs?


Shana Galen does it again!!! I sat down to read a few chapters before I did some chores. Guess what got finished… I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t the chores. I read and read and read until I finished the story. I just could not put it down and I didn’t want to.

Galen’s writing has always blown me away. The way she is able to touch on such important issues without beating you over the head with them is truly amazing! If that doesn’t make sense let me explain, I’ve read books where the author is trying to show the heroine as independent and a feminist in her time but all she’s really doing is talking about being independent and not showing it (or showing it in a childish idiotic way). Galen doesn’t do that. She is all about showing the characters through action and not just telling the readers about the character. And I love that!

But the thing I love most about Galen’s writing is she shows both the hero and the heroine struggle. Catarina just wants to run her business and be able to support herself and her sister but she also wants love but doesn’t know how to trust herself to trust Benedict. And Benedict struggles with the fact that he is no longer a young strapping lad! The fact that the hero struggled with body image was really just everything! I’m usually not a fan of huge age gaps in love stories but this one really worked for me- probably because Galen wrote it!

Seriously, Galen is one of my favorite writers and I wait impatiently for every new book to come out. I’ve tried to hold off and wait till a few are out so I can binge read them but I can’t. I lasted like two weeks with this one and that’s my new record…

Galen is one of those writers that can make the characters so real and intense that you feel as if you knew them in real life. Whenever someone asks for a romance with strong female and male characters I always recommend this series or really anything Galen has written.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss out!!!

-Happy Reading!

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