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Book Of The Week

Book Of The Week

I feel like I’ve been waiting for Tanner’s story for forever! I’ve been a fan of Cole for years, she just has this way of grabbing ahold of your heart and holding it hostage. Darkness Embraced was supposed to be released on the 8th but it got pushed back, which is fine, I can sorta wait for good things! Now, it’s only a few days away from the release date and I’m itching for this book. Again, work is in the way and this isn’t exactly a book I can read around kids… I see another sleepless week in my future, but again, I won’t regret it too much!

This series starts off with It Ain’t Me, Babe, which was a little rocky but I still loved it and it made me addicted to this series. If you’re into dark romance, MC romances, and tough but lovable men, this is the book you have been missing!

I’m just sad I have Monday off but not the rest of the week. Here’s to hoping for an early release!!!!

Title: Darkness Embraced (Hades Hangmen, #7)
Author: Tillie Cole
Pages: N/A
Publication Date: January 22, 2019
Publisher: Tille Cole LLC
Genre: Dark Romance
Rating: ★★★★★


Born to sit on opposing thrones.⁣
They were never meant to fall.⁣

Tanner Ayers is the heir of the Texas Ku Klux Klan. Fed nothing but hate, violence, and intolerance from the day he was born, Tanner kills for his cause without remorse.⁣
Until he meets Adelita Quintana, the daughter of the most brutal cartel boss in Mexico.⁣

Adelita and Tanner hate each other instantly. But there is something between them that neither can explain or deny. Hate turns to desire, desire turns to love, and for the first time Tanner sees how wrong his whole life has been.⁣

For years, Tanner does everything he can to find a way for him and Adelita. He walks away from the Klan, his family, everything he ever believed, and joins the Hades Hangmen. But now the Hangmen are at war—not only with his own family, but with Adelita’s too.⁣

When Adelita and Tanner are thrown together again, they are forced to fight for a love that should never have been. For a love that puts them and everyone they have ever loved in danger.⁣

The White Prince.⁣
The Cartel princess.⁣
And a future that seems shrouded in darkness…⁣

Dark Contemporary Romance. Contains sexual situations, violence, sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language and mature topics. Recommended for age 18 years and up.

-Happy Reading!

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