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2019 Reading Theme Is...

2019 Reading Theme Is...

Well, it’s 2019! You know what that means? New year new books!!

Every year I give myself a theme as a guideline for my reading goals. Last year, my theme was reading outside my comfort zone. I’m a creature of habit and it really was a challenge for me but I did it and in doing so I discovered a number of new-to-me authors that I’ve become highly addicted to! This year my theme will be BIG BOOKS! I love BIG BOOKS- I actually prefer them. However, when I set a higher reading goal I tend to avoid my BIG BOOK buddies. Mostly, you know, to reach my goal.

This year, however, my reading goal will be 30 BIG BOOKS. I’m going to focus on how many pages I read instead of how many books. This will most likely give me anxiety because I always read at least 70 books a year but I really want to get to some of those BIG BOOKS I’ve been putting off- so I no longer stare longingly at them.

When my sick self feels better I will compile all the BIG BOOKS I hope to read this year and do a feature on them!

-Happy Reading!

Sing it with me!!!!

🎶I like big books and I cannot Lie

You other readers can’t deny;

When a Book walks in 🎶

with a good plot base

and a big spine in your face

🎶 You get sprung!

Wanna get out your notepads

‘cause you noticed that book 🎶

was dense.

deep in the book i’m reading,

🎶 I’m hooked and I can’t stop!

speeding, through baby

I wanna get that literature, 🎶

and Instagram that picture,

🎶 my teachers try to train me

but that book you’ve got

makes me so brainy!

(Baby got books) 🎶

The Ruin Of Kings Spotlight

The Ruin Of Kings Spotlight

The Best Books I Read In 2018!!!!

The Best Books I Read In 2018!!!!