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Libro.fm Love

Libro.fm Love

I’ve been meaning to post a Book Talk about audiobooks vs books for a while now, however, this is not that post. It’s just making me realize how much I’m slacking lately…😔

Anyway, back to the reason for this post! Yesterday, while minding my own business at work I got an email that I had won Libro.fm’s Summer Listening Challenge!!!! I was so excited! I hopped around and did a little dance- much to my co-worker’s amusement (I was so excited I even missed his high-five… Yes, I’m that much of a dork). The reason I was so surprised was one, I forgot I had even entered the contest (😳) and two, audio books are an everyday thing in my life and I never really thought twice about the challenge. I did it last year and loved it and thought it would be fun to do this year. Especially, when the prize was FREE AUDIO BOOKS for a YEAR!!! In all reality, I never actually thought I would win. But I did 🤩! And this seems like the perfect opportunity to tell as many people as possible how FANTASTIC this company is. 

Libro.fm supports local independent bookstores (unlike other audiobook subscriptions you may know). When you sign up with them you pick the store you want to support and every time you buy an audiobook YOUR money goes back into YOUR community and bookstore. You are able to support authors, publishers, local bookstores AND your community all while listening to your favorite books! That’s just incredible and oh, so convenient! 

My love affair with Libro.fm has been going on for for almost two years now. I first heard about the company when Anderson’s partnered with them. My co-workers were all very excited but I was a little skeptical. I had tried audiobooks in the past and had never really enjoyed them. I would get bored or my mind would wonder and then I’d have to go back and it was always a mess (I should mention that I was a child and the audiobooks were on CDs but it was still a mess). Point is, audiobooks were just never my thing. I didn’t get it. 

However, I soon saw the amazingness when I started to listen to them during my commute to and from work. I have a horribly looooooonnnnngggg commute so I quickly saw the golden goose Libro.fm was for me. I was suddenly able to turn my dreadful commute into an extension of my reading obsession! I was so annoyed with myself for not thinking of doing audiobooks on my own- just think of all that wasted time!!!!

I have found a love for audiobooks that I cannot ever see dying. Libro.fm was my life-savior when I drove cross country by myself. I found out how marvelous voice actors were (like seriously- listen to the audiobook Children of Blood and Bone- Bahni Turpin is the narrator and is truly amazing). Audiobooks, and Libro.fm specifically, have radically changed the way I read. I find myself branching out to other genres much more easily and picking books I would NEVER have looked twice at in the past. Libro.fm has made such an impact in my life and the way I read that I recommend it multiple times a day to customers because there really is no better way to listen to books!!! 

This is an amazing company doing amazing things for indie bookstores (plus, they have KissClub, which features 10 different discounted romance books every month. Any company that makes a point to showcase romance gets a gold star in my book). If you love your local bookstore you should be supporting them and Libro.fm makes that easy. 

To celebrate winning this contest I will be doing monthly spotlights on the audiobooks I listen to! I really can’t express how excited I am for this!!! A HUGE THANK YOU and lots of love to Libro.fm! You guys rock!!! ❤️❤️❤️

To find out more about this company for yourself click here -> libro.fm

-Happy Reading!!!

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