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Beauty Found Review

Beauty Found Review

Title: Beauty Found (Hades Hangmen, #6.5)
Author: Tille Cole
Pages: N/A
Publication Date: August 18, 2018
Publisher: Amazon LLC
Rating: ★★★★★


There is life before the Hangmen. There is life before your soulmate is found.

There is life even when all seems lost.

Shane ‘Tank’ Rutherford is just seventeen when, escaping his father’s lethal fists, he ends up on the streets. Fighting for survival, he finds himself suddenly saved. Saved by a group that takes him under their wing.

A group that everyone knows . . . the Texas Ku Klux Klan.

Years later, Tank is disillusioned from the Klan and what they stand for. Recently released from prison, he is lost in a world he no longer knows. He is on his own. Until he picks up a woman hitchhiking on the side of a road. A beauty queen dressed in pink.

Susan-Lee Stewart is done with the crowns. She’s done with the glitz and glamor of pageant life. And she’s done with the bruises . . . the bruises gifted by the one person who should love her unconditionally—her mother.

Seconds after taking yet another pageant title, Susan-Lee makes a split decision and flees the stage. Flees the glossy life of a pageant queen, flees her violent mother . . . and jumps straight on the back of a tattooed muscled god’s motorcycle . . .

And never looks back.

As Susan-Lee holds tightly to Tank’s waist, neither of them know it’s a chance meeting that will change both their lives, and their hearts, forever.

There are stories of how you find your other half. There are stories of how someone can save your soul when all hope is lost.

Before they were Tank and Beauty, they were Shane and Susan-Lee. Two lost hearts who, together, were finally found.



I have no idea how Cole is able to write such captivating stories in a way that you find yourself feeling as if you are a part of the plot. And Beauty Found isn’t even that long! It took me only 2 hours to read and I walked away from it feeling as if I had just invested my heart in the story! 

Beauty and Tank are not new characters to this series but this story is a new perspective on them as characters. It is how they came to be who we know and love in the Hangmen series. I absolutely loved their story. Tank and Beauty have been a favorite of mine since the very beginning and to see them meet and fall in love was so special! 

Tank’s journey from abused boy, to KKK member, to convict, to a Hangmen is amazing. And Beauty is just as sassy and caring as she has been throughout the series. But what I really loved is seeing the original Hangmen group. Sytxx’s and Ky’s dads are in charge, Tanks as a prospect, Styxx and Ky as young teenagers. You are able to get a real feel for what the MC was like before Styxx and Ky took over and see how much they have changed it. 

Beauty and Tank's story was a perfect addition to the series!

All in all, this was another amazing story by the master of dark romances! It was hot, sexy, sweet, endearing, and just fantastic. In my opinion, the only thing wrong with it was it was too short!!! I need more! I need Tanner’s story!!! I think I need to binge read the entire series again…

-Happy Reading!


***My Thoughts on the KKK***

Cole has been building this series for years now and I always saw it as far off fiction. Yes, the KKK was still around but to me, especially when It Ain’t Me, Babe first came out, I really didn’t think they were a thing anymore. I figured the people that ran around screaming “White Power” were extinct. How, in this age of information could people be so ignorant and horrendous? There really couldn’t be enough KKK like minded people to hold rallies with torches and scream hate. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Of course I’ve run into racist people, I’m related to racist people, but I had never encountered openly racist people like those you read about in this series. There isn’t a huge KKK presence in Chicago and if there is, they are not bold enough to march through the streets with torches here. It wasn’t until this past year that I truly say hate spewed like it is in this series. And the fact that Cole has the ability to weave these former KKK members into her stories and give them a background, give them a story, and give them humanity- is truly amazing. The KKK storyline has been intensifying for awhile in this series- we got a really good look at it with Cowboy and Hush. And now with Tank and next with Tanner. These former members have been able to worm their way into our hearts and it was hard for me to rationalize, really.

Cole is able to give Cowboy, Tank, and Tanner an awakening. They find it through compassion and love. They are able to see the horrible way they have treated people and see why they were wrong. It is so hard to like these characters because you know where they come from and know how they have acted but Cole is able to show their past weighs heavily on them. They have moved on from their former lives but they are still haunted by them. You can clearly see that while reading her series. But her books are fiction, they are stories. Being able to find a place in your heart for a character is way different than doing it for an actual person.

The bookstore I work for is holding an event with David Duke’s godson. He is a former white supremacist, born and bread into it. And there was a book written about his experiences and his way of seeing the KKK for what they really are (Rising Out of Hate by Eli Saslow). For me, it is hard to see these horrendous people as people- they lack compassion, comprehensive thinking, and humanity. They are a terrorist group who don’t belong with decent people, they don’t deserve redemption. Even if they are reformed it is hard to rationalize being able to see them as anything but what they used to stand for. And when I first heard he may show up with Saslow to the event at my store I wasn’t all that thrilled. I understand he is no longer a white supremacist but how do you move past what he once was? I kept thinking on this. I couldn’t get it out of my head. It truly bugs me that I loath someone because of who they once were Even knowing that he has been working to right his wrongs and stand against the KKK I am uncomfortable with the thought of him being in my space. I kept thinking about the Hangmen series and how I was able to see past the character’s flawed background and see them right their wrongs. I thought, if I could do it for fictional people, I could probably do it for a real person.

Even though applying it to real life is way harder than I thought it would be. How do you get around the fact that this person would have hated me or my boyfriend on sight. How he would have reacted to just seeing us hold hands walking down the street? While reading Beauty Found I began to think about how I would react to Tank if he were real and he was standing in front of me. I know I would not quickly accept him like Beauty did. I know that without even thinking hard about it. But how would I react after a few hours? A couple of days? A few weeks? I honestly don’t know and it bugs the hell out of me. I know right this second that I would feel like I was betraying my entire belief system by accepting him but how can you continue to hate someone that is actively trying to better themselves? It is a hard question and truly tests my ability to forgive and be the person I want all these hate filled people to be.

As you can see, I really don't have the answers. But I wanted to post about it because I think it is an important subject to talk about. I don't have the answers and I know it's not an easy subject to talk about but I wanted to share my thinking. Thanks for reading. 

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