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Books Vs Screens

Books Vs Screens

How do you feel about your favorite books being turned into movies or TV shows? 

I always get super excited when my favorites are optioned for the screens but I also get oh so very nervous. Mostly because I know they are going to ruin it somehow. And that is just the way of things. I guess you can say it’s a necessary evil- or it’s an emotional rollercoaster… 

Every single person reads the same book differently. It’s just how it is and I love that aspect of reading- being able to compare and contrast your version of the same book makes the reading community interesting. It’s fun to debate your point of view with others who are just as passionate. But it is also extremely scary when you know your beloved book is going to be whatever the screenwriter or directer envision while reading the book. And you know they are envisioning it wrong. It’s just not fair! You know they are going to do it wrong! You just know it! It’s all wrong!!!!

However, you also get super excited because you know that the book is going to reach millions of more people with the screen exposure and you know the author is delighted and honored and you are so happy for them! But then, you cannot help but know it’s going to be (most likely) a disaster. They are going to cut important parts that they feel are not important, they are going to cast someone that doesn’t fit the character’s description or your version of the character, they are going to veer so far out of left field from the book and most likely make a strange ending. It’s all downhill!!! But you know, deep down, you will watch it anyway. Because you love the book and you love the author and you cannot help yourself. 

I can honestly say the ONLY time I have ever loved the screen version over the book was with the Vampire Diaries. I could not stand those books but I LOVED the TV show! Outlander did a great job for awhile but the show has started veering way off from the books and I despise that (I know (again) it’s a necessary evil- blah blah blah). The Sookie Stackhouse series is a perfect example of the fear-of-the-paper-to-screen dilemma. This book series is still one of my favorites (the first half not the last half) and I was ecstatic when I learned it was being turned into a TV show (oh, my young naive little heart!). I literally told anyone who would listen how excited I was about it and that they needed to read the books before the show started! The show though, was uh… offbeat. I loathed the show but I will still randomly watch it and then find myself getting really upset and having to stop. I now tolerate the True Blood series as a completely independent entity of the Sookie Stackhouse books. I’m sure I will do this with Outlander as well. Just to be clear though, I do not hate the TV show Outlander. I’m just annoyed they are changing things. True Blood had its merits but really, stick with the books. Honestly, there are so many books to screen examples I could detail (Witches of East End, Game of Thrones, etc) but this post would be SUPER long! 

I understand that these paragraphs contradict each other. On one hand it is so great that the movies and TV shows can reach so many more people than the books can but on the other hand you know most of those people aren’t going to pick up the book. And then I get annoyed because the screen version is different and people don’t know it’s different and they don’t know how great the books are! They don’t know!!!!!! Oh, the humanity!!!!! 

I know that it’s impossible to read every book that gets turned into a movie or TV show. I know and I understand but it still drives me crazy!!!

Do you love seeing your favorite books turned into movies and TV shows or does it make you freak out and break into hives? (Thank you to Crazy Rich Asians for inspiring this post! I really couldn't comment on the movie since I haven't seen it yet!!!)


-Happy Reading and Watching!!!


*exclaimer: It only drives me crazy with books I like… Don’t judge me.*

 P.S. I didn’t touch on Passionflix because I will be doing an independent post about them!

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