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Rock Legend Review

Rock Legend Review

Title: Rock Legend (Nothing But Trouble, #2)
Author: Tara Leigh
Pages: 368
Publication Date: July 17, 2018
Publisher: Forever Yours
Rating: ★★★★


I'm no Prince Charming.

Most people know me as the drummer for Nothing but Trouble. Depending who you ask, I'm also a playboy, a loner, the life of the party, a screw-up, or according to my fans, "The Sexiest Rock Star on the Planet." Apparently, I'm a legend.

Am I surprised? Hell, no. It's a reputation I've earned behind my drum kit and behind closed doors. No one thought foster kid Landon Cox would become famous. Infamous, maybe. Notorious, probably. But successful? Never. No one except Piper Hastings. But I had to make a choice: my woman or my career. I picked fame and fortune... and spent every damn day since pretending I don't regret it.

Now fate's dropped Piper back into my life. I want to believe it's a second chance for me - for us. But while I can give her a few great nights, I can't give Piper a future.

Because there's a difference between a legend and a fairy tale...

Only one of them ends happily ever after.




Even when I was reading Rock King, the first in this series, I was ready for Piper and Landon’s story. For whatever reason I was just drawn to their characters. I wasn’t disappointed. Leigh has a way of just gutting you- seriously gutting you. I’m not a crier so when I get choked up or full on cry in a book I know the writing is amazing. Spoiler: the writing is amazing. No, I didn’t blubber like a baby but I did choke up- multiple times. There may have been a few tears…

The reason I loved this book so much was because it was so relatable, which was something that, at least for me, the first book lacked. Landon was anyone who had been hurt too many times and felt like he didn’t deserve happiness. I really just wanted to reach through the pages and hug him. And maybe give him a cookie. His character arc was so well done! Watching him go from blissed out on drugs, women, and alcohol to being blissed out on Piper was beautiful. I think my favorite line in the entire book was “my world is on your axis, babe”. I just fell in love with that line and in turn Landon!!! Landon’s soul was just so full of anguish and torture. It was hard not to love him while also wanting to smack him upside the head. 

And Piper! She was perfectly imperfect! Her work ethic and dedication made her so endearing! Her character arc was just as amazing as Landon’s. She had to learn to love herself and her flaws. In doing so, she learned to just be herself. She is such a strong character. I think everyone out there wants to be able to hold their own and be self-sufficient but at times, you need your people, your tribe, your loved ones. It was refreshing to watch Piper figure that out. The reason I say “refreshing” is because I feel like a lot of stories show the main characters only feeling worthy with their significant other’s love. And that is a really bad path to take and example to set. Piper and Landon definitely relied on each other and made each other happy but they were both able to focus on their own personal growth and happiness, which was the refreshing part. 

Piper and Landon were perfectly described in this line, “Piper and I were so much a like that we were exact opposites. Mirror images.” They were the best people for each other! 

This book did take me a little bit to get into. But that might be more on me than on the story itself. I have this odd problem of being able to guess the trajectory of a story within a few chapters or so. Happens with movies too. My freshman year in college I had a film student boyfriend who threw a fit because I figured out the killer in Seven the minute the actor playing the killer came on screen. He also got really mad when I figured out who the wolf was in the movie Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfried… So yes, strange problem. It really didn’t hinder the story for me but it annoyed me- but it annoys me every time it happens sooo, not Leigh’s fault. However, even though I knew what was going to happen, I really enjoyed this book. It was well written and a joy to read. I finished it in one sitting! I can honestly say, I’m very excited for the next book in the series!!! 

If you’re a fan of Kylie Scott, you’ll definitely enjoy this book and series. Leigh is not an author you want to miss. 

-Happy Reading!

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