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Stygian Review

Stygian Review

Title: Stygian (Dark-Hunter, #29)
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Pages: 670
Publication Date: August 28, 2018
Publisher: Tor Books
Rating: ★★★★

Born before man recorded time, I lived for thousands of years believing myself to be something I’m not.

Someone I’m not.

Lied to and betrayed by gods, Daimons and Dark-Hunters, I’ve struggled to find my way in a world where I’ve been cursed since the moment I was prematurely ripped from my mother and planted into the womb of an innocent woman who thought me her son.

Trained as a slayer and predator, I learned to fit in and stay low. To become a tool for evil. Until I was sent to kill the one woman I couldn’t. My hesitation cost her her life.

Or so I thought. In an act of betrayal that makes all the others pale in comparison, I’ve learned that this world is an illusion and that my Phoebe still lives.

Now I will have to travel into the very pits of Hades to try and save her, even as everyone around me attempts to steal what little soul I have left. There’s only one person at my back and I’m not sure I can trust her either, for she was born of an enemy race. Yet sometimes the road to redemption is one that singes us to our very core. And if I fail to find the answers I need to save Phoebe, more than just my wife will die.

We will lose the world. Both human and Daimon.




Let me start this by saying that I do talk about some specific plot points in this review. I do not spoil anything but if you want to walk into this story completely blind than this review is not for you. I tried to keep it as simple as possible while reviewing but as you all know, with the stories being so intricate its hard not to spoil anything so I had  to be a wee bit vague. I tried!!!

Also, Kenyon’s books need to be read in order!!! If you haven’t read the first 28 books you cannot just pick this one up and start the series. It just won’t work. They like to say you can read these books out of order but you really can’t. 

Stygian is a lot like Acheron and Styxx. Kenyon gives us the back story to who Urian is- how he came to be the man we’ve all found a soft spot for. I loved the first 80% of this book (I know the percentages because I read it on my kindle). It was so interesting seeing Urian and his brothers and sister grow up- the dynamic, the drama, the fights. Diamons have always been the bad guys, the ones that go bump in the night, but as Kenyon does so masterfully, she turns everything we thought we knew on its head. It truly is amazing the way Kenyon can make you sympathize with the bad guys so easily (remember reading Styxx’s book?). Being able to see another side of Urian was the best part of this book. I was especially fond of watching Phoebe and Urian grow as a couple. Which was something we didn’t get to see much of  in the other books. Urian has been a favorite character of mine for a long time now and this book just made me love him more. 

This book does revisit some of the major things that have happened in past books, especially Phoebe’s death and Styxx and Bethany coming back into Urian’s life. These repeats I was fine with. It refreshed my memory and it was actually nice to get Urian’s perspective. However, after getting past that and the first 80% we head into Dragon territory and we know how that goes. The past 4 books (Son of No One, Dragonbane, Dragonmark, and Dragonsworn) have been a little rough- they were confusing and repeated plot lines. I was excited about Stygian because I thought we were finally moving away from that, however, we get a little bit of the dragon confusion at the end of this book. It was hard to get through and kind of brought the book down from being a five star read for me. I think that entire section could have been skipped or at least shortened because the end (after the dragons) felt rushed and was over way before I thought it should have been. I would have preferred to see the ending (which I will not spoil so this will be a little confusing) more detailed and have more interaction between Urian and some of the lead characters.

If the book had less of the dragons and had been a little more flushed out at the end, it definitely would have been a five star read! Although, the epilogue has me so excited for the next book in the series!!!! Like super excited!!! Bring on more Dark-Hunters!!! Even though the last few books have been a little, shall we say off, Stygian gives me hope that the rough patch is over and a new and brighter horizon is in sight! 

Kenyon will always be an automatic buy for me. Even with the rough patch. She is just such a master story teller. She weaves such intricate tales that bring you to your knees. It’s hard not to get caught up in the mythology and love. This book wasn’t perfect but it was still pretty amazing! I got to see the writing I fell in love with once again with this book. I love this series and I hope it never ends! Ever!!!

-Happy Reading!

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