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To Finish Or Not To Finish- That Is The Question...

To Finish Or Not To Finish- That Is The Question...

Do you ever not finish a book? 

I hate not finishing books. It makes me feel like a failed; when I start a book I always have the intention of finishing it. I mean, what’s the point of starting a book if you don’t intend to finish reading it, right? 

I have a lot of friends who, once they get to a certain point and are still not feeling the book, stop reading it. I can’t do that. I HATE not finishing a book, even one I don’t like. My thinking has always been that maybe it will get better. Maybe I’m just not seeing something and need to just keep reading to find out what I’m missing. 

Of course, I was thinking this before I got really involved with the book world. I had the time to just sit and finish a book I was not all that into. However, now, it makes me mad that I have that itch to finish a book I just don’t like. I literally have stacks of books upon stacks of books that I want to read. But I have much less time to read than I had previously, so it’s a little harder to justify finishing a book I don’t deem worthy. 

A lot of my friends have a strict stop-reading-if-you-don’t-like-it policy and their thinking is, time is too precious to waste on horrible books. But I JUST HATE TO DO THAT!!!! I so wish I could just throw the book down but it literally annoys me! 

I’ve actually started a pile on my nightstand of books that I have put in time-out. These are books I have gotten a good way through and am just not getting hooked. These books seriously mock me- they just sit by my bed and taunt me- knowing I want to finish them but also knowing I don’t actually like them. They are evil that way. 

I do give books a second chance. Mostly because I can’t help it. But especially if the book is popular. One of the books I had a problem with was The Bronze Horseman (Taylor if you’re reading this- I’m sorry). I know that is shocking- especially because so many people love that book and the series. One of my friends has been trying to get me to read the series for about a year, so I finally gave in. However, I put the first book in the series in a time-out about three times while reading it. The book was just so up and down for me. I would get really into it and then I would get so frustrated with the characters. But I’ve never talked to someone who did not like the books. So of course, I was like ‘What is wrong with me?’ I just was not seeing what everyone loved about the books. Currently, I have about 200 pages left in The Bronze Horseman and I do plan to finish it and the series. But at this point, I think I’m missing something about it- and I hate that feeling. 

I hate not getting what makes something so amazing or popular. And it’s not that I want to be doing what everyone else is doing or want to like whatever is popular- I’m just a curious person. I love knowing how things are made, done, or just simply how things work. So when I don’t see the point of something that is so outrageously popular- it irks me. And for me, it wasn’t that I didn’t like The Bronze Horseman. It was just so up and down for me that I still don’t get what is so amazing about the book or series. Soooo many people have this series on their top 10 favorite series of all time and even my friend gushes about it any time the books come up in conversation. It makes me feel so awkward not loving it. I have heard that the second book in the series is better so fingers crossed I figure out what all the buzz is all about. 

Sometimes I run across a book that just sounds so amazing- the cover is great, the synopsis is intriguing, it has great reviews, but then I start reading it… and BLAH. I’m currently reading a book that I will not name because I have not finished it, so I don’t feel justified in completely ripping it to shreds (yet). However, the book sounded amazing and I couldn’t wait to start it. It started off rather well, but then it just took this horrendous turn. Neither character is likeable. In fact, they are both pretty much horrible people. Yes, the characters have horrible pasts but that doesn’t give you a free ride to be an ass to everyone you meet. It just doesn’t! 

This book has been in a time-out for a little over a month because it is just so horrendous. There are continuity issues, the characters are horrible, and the book, which is an adult romance book, reads like a teen wrote it (and edited it). I had to stop reading it just because I was completely shocked at how bad it was but I know I will eventually finish the book because it has so many great reviews, it has to get better, right? Unfortunately for me, the book is over 600 pages and I’m currently at page 300 something… I want to finish it but I’m not even sure I’ll be able to. 

As you can see from my own back and forth on the topic- to finish or not to finish- is not an easy question to answer. 

For me, not finishing a book feels like I failed but at the same time there are so many good books that it’s hard for me to justify wasting my time on a story I just don’t like. 


What do you guys do?

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