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Dirty Money Review

Dirty Money Review

Title: Dirty Money (Roughneck Billionaires, #1)
Author: Jessica Clare
Publication Date: January 17, 2017
Publisher: Penguin

 Boone Price and his brothers know oil; at least, the dirty, backbreaking side of working an oil rig. But when their scrubby, worthless hunting land turns out to be sitting on top of one of the biggest oil wells in North America, they go from the rig to the boardroom and end up billionaires practically overnight.

Now with enough money to do whatever he wants, Boone is developing a taste for fine things. And the finest thing he’s ever seen is Ivy Smithfield, local realtor. Boone’s determined to buy her affection and show the world that he’s more than just a dirty fool with a bit of money. Ivy’s classy and beautiful - she’ll make the perfect trophy wife. The fact that she’s sexy and funny is just a bonus.

There’s one tiny problem - Ivy’s as dirt poor as Boone is. Her carefully crafted veneer of luxury? All an act to promote her business. What’s Boone going to do when he finds out the woman he’s falling for is, well, in his league?



I’ve been a fan of Jessica Clare for years. I am a big fan of her Billionaire Boys Club series and the spin-off series. So when I saw she was coming out with a new billionaire series I was so excited. ‘Dirty Money’ is the first book in Clare’s new Roughneck Billionaires series. And of course it did not let me down. Boone is as rough as they come: he is crass, stubborn, and not just rough around the edges- he is JAGGED! Him and his four brothers may have become billionaires practically over night but none of them have changed from their dirt-poor and rough roots. They are quintessential West Texas hillbillies and they embrace it. The problem is Boone is tired of being looked down on by his snobby peers- he wants to show them up and prove to them he is their contemporary- the problem is he does not know how to really go about that, which is how he meets Ivy.

Ivy is such a go getter- she works constantly at a real estate company that undermines her at every turn. She is doing everything she can to send her sister to college and make enough money to just put food on the table. The problem is, her bosses keep stealing her clients and she is floundering. I had a hard time with Ivy’s sister. She does not contribute anything to Ivy’s efforts of making sure they can survive. Yes, Ivy wants her sister to be a college kid and not have to worry about finances- she does not tell her sister how much trouble they are in with the finances- but her sister makes no effort to help at all. She seems selfish, oblivious, and ungrateful most of the time. 

Both Ivy and Boone have flaws but they are both great characters. I found myself being shocked by Boone’s rough language and blunt way of saying just about everything. His character was hands-down the most caveman billionaire there has ever been. When he sees Ivy’s picture he decides right then and there that he is going to make her his. Ivy is more practical but the entire time I was reading the book I wanted to shake her and say ‘Just say what you feel!!!’. She focused so much on trying to hide herself from Bonne while Boone spent every waking moment shoving himself into Ivy’s life. 

Clare is always able to make a story humors. Boone and his brothers are hilarious together- they are just so outrageous! They just throw money around and do as they please but they are very supportive of each other and love their business and their roots. The ending was great and wrapped up everything nicely. I just wish Ivy would have given her bosses the verbal shakedown at some point- I would have loved to read that. 

Clare is a master at building strong, complex, and unique characters, and these characters are no different. The romance between Ivy and Boone is hot and steamy but their love is real.

What I loved most about this book was the message of just be yourself and never be ashamed of that. I look forward to the rest of the series! I need the rest of the brother's stories- I need more of the Roughneck Brothers!

-Happy Reading!

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