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How Are You Supposed To Read Kristen Ashley's Books?

How Are You Supposed To Read Kristen Ashley's Books?

So, I haven’t really been avoiding Kristen Ashley’s books as much as I’ve been avoiding her HUGE intertwining series of books… I’ve read a couple of her stand-alones and her paranormal books and loved them. I’ve always wanted to read her other series but I’m so nervous to read them in the wrong order. I love reading gigantic series like Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series, Christine Feehan’s Dark series, and Gena Showlater’s Lords of the Underworld series but their series are much more straight forward and I’ve been following them for awhile so I have a handle on their spinoffs.

However, I have not kept up with Kristen Ashley’s series and this series has 7 series that interweave and you have to read certain books before other books for the other books to make sense. The huge commitment is not what has deterred me, it’s making sure I have all the books in order before I start reading them!!! Which, I’m not sure I do and I HATE reading a series out of order. It makes me itchy. I have loosened up on my strict read-books-in-order policy but I still hate doing it soooo much!!!!! And I especially don’t want to do it with this mega-series.

Here are my notes on the series- I think I have the right reading order but I’m not sure- so, if there is anyone out there that wants to take pity on my poor little OCD soul and make sure I have the reading order correct I will be so grateful! Mostly because I have a headache after trying to make this list… Yes, it took a long time- No, I’m not telling you how long.

My Kristen Ashley Reading Order

Rock Chick Reawakening   

Rock Chick 2008                          

Rock Chick Rescue 2009            

Rock Chick Redemption 2010    

Rock Chick Renegade 2011

Rock Chick Revenge 2011

Rock Chick Reckoning 2011

Rock Chick Regret 2011

The Gamble 2011 (Colorado Mt)

Sweet Dreams 2011(Colorado Mt)

Lady Luck 2011(Colorado Mt)

Breathe 2012 (Colorado Mt)

For You (‘Burg series)

Jagged 2013 (Colorado Mt)

Kaleidoscope 2014 (Colorado Mt)

Bounty 2016 (Colorado Mt)

Rock Chick Revolution  2012

Rock Chick Reborn 2018

The Dream Man Series: Mystery Man, Wild Man, Law Man, Motorcycle Man

Own the Wind (C), Fire Inside(C), A Christmas to Remember(C), Knight(U), Ride Steady(C), More Pleasure More Pain(C), Walk Through Fire(C), Wilde Like the Wind(C), Free(C)


Unfinished Hero Series 

Knight 2012

Creed 2012

Raid 2013

Deacon 2014

Sebring 2016


Chaos Series

Own the Wind 2013

Fire Inside 2013

A Christmas to remember 2013

Ride Steady 2015

Walk Through Fire 2015

Wild Like the Wind 2018

Free 2019


The ‘Burg Series:

For You 2011

At Peace 2011

Golden Trail 2011

Games of the Heart 2012

The Promise 2014

Hold On 2015


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💋KissCon 2019!!!💋

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