Hello, my name is Katrina,


I am a bookseller at a Chicago-land independent bookstore and I've created this site so that I can share my passion of all things book related- the good, the bad, the ugly, the lovely! 

I’ve wanted to do a blog for a long time but I never had the confidence to do so. It took one of my friends telling me how much she loved having a book blog and over two years as a bookseller to finally decide to give it a try. And I’m so glad I did- I love it! I’ve been a reader since about 12 years old and the habit has only gotten worse (better?) with age! I literally own thousands of physical and digital books. So, I know my books! 

I love writing reviews, taking pictures of books, and talking about, you guessed it- B❤️❤️KS! I mainly started this blog because I wanted to find other bookworms to talk to… and because the people in my life really did not want to hear me gush about another book- again. I really just want this to be a place to share the love of books!

Traditionally, I have read almost exclusively romance novels but I've started to broaden my horizons and branch out to other genres. Although, romance will always be my first love and takes precedence over all!

There are just such a vast amount of marvelous stories out there and I want to devour them all! I have a fear of missing out on great reads!! 

If you are a lover of books, like myself, then you will love this site!